Connections: So, what’s it about?

Spanning the last 50 years, this family saga focuses on three generations of women, who in contrasting ways grapple with sex and marriage, the elusiveness of success, and the power of love to get them through the toughest of times. Told chiefly from the alternating points of view of two sisters who come of age in the 1960s, Connections takes us from Princess phones and prom dresses to the Vietnam War, women’s lib, the lure of Hollywood, 9/11 in Manhattan—and a family emergency like no other. Throughout the years the sisters, with their very different personalities and attitudes, often misread their own hearts or are mistreated by those they care about, but finally are challenged to summons their better angels when crisis arises.

HOPING YOU’LL BE INTRIGUED ENOUGH TO CHECK IT OUT. I look forward to your reactions and comments.